Mayflower Birch

Haruka Odamaki

Vital statistics
Title The Cutie Hot Amazon
Trainer Class Pokemon Trainer, Pokemon Professor, Pokemon Coordinator
Age 11
Gender Female
Birthdate September 20
Region Hoenn
Eye Color Sky blue
Hair Color Light brown
Bloodtype O
Relatives Father (Prof Birch), Mother, Little Brother
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hobbies Collecting stuffed doll and cushion
Likes Cute things
Dislikes Messy room
Weapon Bare hand
Special Skill Weather forecast
Favorite Food/Drink Eclair

Tropical Juice

Favorite Color Red
Forte in Sport Volley, Karate
May is the daughter of Prof. Birch and a Pokedex holder.


May is a childhood friend of Brendan who is native to Hoenn. She went to the same school in as Brendan when she was a kid and temporary lived in Goldenrod. She lived with her grandmother during her stay in Johto. She was a cheerleader in her school.


May is an athletic and acrobatic girl with cheerful personality. She is good at geography and sport but bad at Math and Chemistry. She likes cute stuff and has been collecting stuffed Pokemon.


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