Dawn Berlitz

ヒカリ Hikari

Vital statistics
Title The Diamond Dust Princess
Trainer Class Pokemon Coordinator
Age 11
Gender female
Birthdate 12 September (Virgo)
Region Sinnoh
Eye Color gold, silver
Hair Color black
Bloodtype AB
Relatives Father,Mother,Grandfather,Little brother
Height 1.40 m
Weight 34 Kg
Hobbies gardening, reading books
Likes diamond dust, plant, pokemon contest, Lucas
Dislikes Strict rules, treated harshly
Weapon rapier
Special Skill can speak with various languange
Favorite Food/Drink Petit Four

Osmanthus Tea

Favorite Color milky pink
Forte in Sport fencing, ice Skating, ballet
Dawn is a member of the house of Berlitz, a 200-year old and extremely financially powerful family of Sinnoh. She wears diamond and pearl rings. She does not give her name to commoners, instead insisting that they refer to her as Lady* (Japanese: お嬢様 Ojōsama, a term used to refer to the daughter of someone of high class).


Dawn is the only daughter of Berlitz familiy. She helps her father and Prof. Rowan in their research. After her Coming of Age ceremony, Rowan allows her to get one of his starter Pokemon (Piplup) along with pink Pokedex and Poketch. Dawn meet with Lucas and Barry for the first time in Route 201 when she bring the briefcase that Rowan's left behind. She,along with Barry and Lucas are asked to complete the Pokedex by Prof. Rowan to help his search in term of Pokemon evolution. She gave Lucas 5 Pokeballs after she demostrated how to catch Pokemon. Dawn's future goal is to become the best Pokemon Coordinator but to do so she must improve her Pokemon skills and get the right moves. Therfore, she challenge the Sinnoh gyms and battle frontier.


Despite her knowledgeable nature, Dawn originally had troubles with managing her money but was able to overcome this in her challenge of the Battle Castle. Her title as a noble lady leads her to become polite yet naive since she almost spend her time to study about the world outside her mansion without experieced it before her Coming of Age.


In contrast of her naive nature, Dawn is extremly intelligent. She has learned about languanges and various cultures from books and lady training. She is fluent with English, Japanese, Latin, French, Spanish, and Chinese. She also has some knowledge of Korean, Russian, German, Gaelic, and Italian.

Dawn likes gardening and flower. She have a large garden of berries behind her mansion. It similiar to Trophy Garden and consits many kind of berries from around the world. The Berries are gathered and given by Lucas as her 7th birthday party. Her skills manage to make the garden grow beautifuly. In spite of this, she doesn't have any experience of cooking which lead Lucas to help her to cooking Poffins for contest.

In addition to learning science and cultures, she also trained in several sports such fencing, ice skating, and ballet. This training improve both her evasion and speed.


Most of her Pokemon are based on royal classes lady or gentleman. Each of them are named with suffix-hime to represent their princess-like nature.








  • She, along with Juan have butler with the same name, Sebastian
  • She never knew how to ride a bike until Barry and Lucas taught her how.
  • Dawn never let someone enter her room while she is changing except for Lucas because she believes him.
  • Despite having all kind of berries, she cannot make a poffin so Lucas help her.